Learn to love your WAN! According to industry analyst Gartner, most enterprises hate their Wide Area Network. They’re expensive to run and suffer from long lead times to set up and modify.

SD WAN (Software Defined WAN) changes the game, enabling business customers to cope with the explosion in bandwidth demand by combining dedicated data connections with less expansive broadband links in their wide area network.

Colt is leveraging an intelligent SD WAN as a service platform to manage which data goes over the internet versus which data stays on private networks. The end result is that a hybrid network is formed where non critical data is offloaded to a secured internet tunnel, freeing up MPLS bandwidth for your business critical data, efficiently increasing the total bandwidth to your branch sites.

All configuration options can be managed by the customer, significantly reducing network provider management complexity. To see how global SD WAN enables affordable high bandwidth in the WAN click here to watch Peter Coppens, Head of Ethernet & IP Portfolio at Colt talk at SDN and OpenFlow world.

Every company with multiple sites, whether headquarters, branch sites or data centres, has the need to interconnect them with a WAN. In the EU, over 70% of enterprises outsource the delivery and management of their WAN to a network service provider.

Accessible globally, Colt’s SD WAN as a service offering is a new way to architect, deploy and operate corporate WANs, and provides a dramatically simplified way of developing and managing remote branch office connectivity.


Delivered as an NFV-based (Network Function Virtualisation) service with built-in elasticity and fully-automated set up & configuration, combining SD WAN software with open, scalable hardware.


Software Defined WAN accelerates time-to-service from weeks or months down to hours, while reducing total cost of ownership significantly via lower administration, network provider management and other time consuming work.


With our easy-to-use SD WAN portal, allowing WAN management and analytics for each of the customer’s key applications, Colt provides agility and economic advantage for the WAN and branch office.

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Business Internet Access
Colt is leveraging an intelligent SD WAN platform to manage which data goes over the internet versus which data stays on private networks.

Colt’s business VPN means you don’t have to compromise; do business over a secure private network while getting the cost-saving benefits of a shared global network.

DDoS Protection
24/7 internet security solutions; from managed firewalls to DDoS protection.

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Case Study
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Objectway selected Colt as a partner in this renovation process and was able to rely on an extremely stable national and international MPLS network, utilising protective circuits with different routings in order to ensure resiliency.

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