Network Encryption Services

Protect sensitive data in motion with Colt Network Encryption services

Effective network security relies on multiple layers of defence, not just at the edge and core of the network but also along the network path. While much of the focus on security is on users and applications, protecting in-flight data as it travels across the network is a critical component of a holistic security strategy. Colt Network Encryption Services ensure secure connectivity, so whichever the network layer you want to secure, we have an end-to-end encryption service to suit your needs.

Network encryption types

Optical Encryption
End-to-end encryption for optical services

Optical Encryption is available as an integral part of Wave and Private Wave services. Fully transparent to Ethernet, IP and other network protocols, it provides the very highest levels of performance and security in combination.

  • Always on: Optical Encryption is inherent to the core service, and is embedded in the optical hardware for maximum security and performance. Any traffic that has to traverse the optical backbone becomes encrypted by default, reducing the risk of sensitive traffic leaving the enterprise unprotected, providing always on end-to-end encryption
  • Wire-speed performance: Operating at Layer 1 of the OSI stack, optical encryption is efficient and scalable. Implemented on the OTN signal layer, the full data payload remains available without latency degradation
  • Compliance: Colt’s Network Encryption solution offers FIPS-certified AES-256 encryption with standards-based authentication mechanisms such as X.509 digital certificates, enabling operational simplification with seamless integration into enterprise Public Key Infrastructures
  • Flexible deployment: Customers may choose to manage their own encryption keys or request Colt to do so as an additional service option. Flexibility over the siting of Colt’s optical hardware platforms, including within customer-secured environments, enables the Colt solution to be tailored to the customer’s security policies

Voice Encryption
End-to-end encryption for voice services

Colt Voice Encryption end-to-end encryption solution that provides additional security for your voice services, including both SIP Signalling encryption and audio encryption.

  • SIP encryption is offered using SIP Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, with mutual authentication, and supports both Asymmetric Encryption (AES) and Triple Data Encryption (3DES)

Colt Audio Encryption secures the audio stream with  SRTP (Secure Real Time Protocol) media encryption, which is a IETF cryptographic protocol used to provide secure communications over an untrusted network. It provides confidentiality and message integrity for media streams.

Ethernet Line Encryption
End-to-end encryption for point-to-point Ethernet services

Colt Ethernet Encryption is a significant new feature add-on for Ethernet Line services. It allows us to address the growing need for effective network security solutions, driven by increasing threats and new regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

Encryption for Ethernet Line is a managed service and brings benefits such as:

  • Wide geographical coverage: We offer Ethernet encryption across the Colt Network for Metro, National and International services in Europe, North-America and Asia
  • Easily scalable: Devices are able to cope with a wide range of bandwidths from 2Mps up to 10Gbps, making any upgrade easy
  • High security: An end-to-end encrypted service, placed on top of your Ethernet Line service; with the best-in-class encryption standards (high key exchange interval, tamper-proof hardware and more).
  • High performance: Ethernet-level encryption is efficient and allows a low impact on latency and bandwidth.

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