Inclusion & Diversity

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Today’s working environment has a responsibility to make sure everyone is represented and included. It’s long been known that there’s a business case for Inclusion & Diversity; however, as an organisation we know it’s more than that.

We have long strived to create the Future Network, one that will underpin how the world works, and that can’t be done unless those working towards this mission feel as though they are heard and valued; regardless of their cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, or age. We know that we won’t be successful unless we are steadfastly focused on creating a workplace that is equal for all.

Keri Gilder, CEO


The people in our business have always been one of our greatest assets, and as an organisation, we owe it to them to create a working environment where they can bring their whole selves to work. This means embedding Inclusion and Diversity into everything we do.

Our Inclusion and Diversity strategy centres around five pillars - Pride Matters, Network 25, Enablement, Cultural Diversity and Multigenerational – but outside of these pillars, we are embedding Inclusion and Diversity at the centre of our organisation, ensuring that every Coltie knows that this is how our business functions - we either all succeed, or none of us do.

Louisa Gregory, Chief of Staff

Key statistics:


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Our networks offer a chance for employees at Colt to raise awareness and connect with others through events and activities, providing a safe, supportive space. Keep an eye out for any external diversity events.

Network 25

Colt’s women’s network exists to promote diversity and gender balance at Colt and engage with all employees to enable Colt’s women to thrive.

Pride Matters

Colt’s LGBT+ and Allies network aims to create a safe space for all LGBT+ employees and allies, raise awareness of issues that impact LGBT+ employees and encourage diversity and inclusion.


YOUnited was created in 2019 to promote cross cultural understanding and an environment where anyone can flourish regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith or cultural background.


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Colt has partnered with The Girl’s Network to empower, inspire and develop the next generation of professional women via mentoring. Through our employees’ direct mentoring and by hosting network’s events at our HQ, Colt has engaged with over 115 girls and women in 2019.

Returners @Colt

Colt’s returners programme is for talented professionals who have been out of corporate life for more than two years and who wish to return. More details can be found on Colt’s careers site.

Best Brave Self

My Best Brave Self is Colt’s inspiring development workshops about confidence, bravery and resilience developed by women for women.

Our programs and initiatives aim to connect Colt with the outside community and create meaningful opportunities.

Disability Accessibility Network

DAN is an employee network at Colt and was established with the aim to raise awareness of visible and invisible disabilities and health conditions, embrace people’s differences and champion inclusion across Colt.

Global family leave policy

Colt has updated its family leave policy globally to offer parental entitlement that is extended and more inclusive for new parents, across all our regions. We have plans to create more policies that support our employees in 2020.

Graduate training program

We've expanded our graduate scheme to include various locations and managers training on how to manage a multi-generational workforce.

Transition at Work policy

Our Global Transition at Work policy was launched in 2019 to support transgender employees and those with non-binary identities intending to transition at work.

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To find out more about our inclusion & diversity plans, or to explore our available opportunities, visit our global careers website below.